January Home Maintenance Tips

Dated: 01/04/2016

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Monthly and seasonal maintenance not only helps to keep your home running smoothly they also help to protect your investments and avoid costly repairs. Below, you will find several tips and reminders of household maintenance you can do each month.

January Home Maintenance Tips
1. Organize your home improvement files.  Review warranties and product manuals to check on recommended maintenance for furnaces, equipment, appliances and tools.  Mark your calendar to track scheduled upkeep, service and monthly filter changes.
2. Inspect furniture, cabinets and vanities for loose knobs, pulls and hinges.  Lubricate squeaky door hinges with lightweight machine oil.
3. Fix squeaks in your floors and stairs by applying weight to the area and driving a galvanized finish nail through the flooring into a floor joist or stringer.
4. Make a room-by-room inventory of everything in your house.  In event of fire, flood or other disaster, it will be important in filing an insurance claim.  Photographs or video can also be helpful.
5. Don’t close vents to crawl spaces.  If you live where pipes can freeze and the floor becomes very cold, insulate pipes and under the floor.  Vents play an important role in controlling condensation beneath a house.
6. Do not close off unused rooms in your house, unless there is a supply AND return in the room.  Your heating system was designed for the square footage of your home, by closing rooms off you are changing the efficiency of your heating system which can actually increase your monthly bill. 

SOURCE: http://www.servicetodayinc.com/about-us/blog/january-home-maintenance-tips

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